With every other wine rack what you see is the cap/cork end of the bottle so finding the bottle you want and knowing what wine you have is difficult. Our racks display the bottle "on the side" so you can see the label and find the bottle you want. 

These wine racks attach easily to any wall - gib, timber, brick or concrete block leaving the floor space underneath free (no wall reinforcing or timber stud is required).They come with fastenings for gib and timber.They can also attach to a metal frame that is fixed to the floor and ceiling, or we have a free standing rack called Evolution.

Racks can be 1,2 or 3 bottles deep depending on the look you wish to create and how much wine you have to store.They can be any height - racks are designed to be joined together vertically or cut down to size, Each rack requires just 0.33 metres of wall width.

These racks are sold internationally under the brand name "Vintage View". They are High Quality wine racks that are great value, easy to install and get your wine out of the garage or closet, up off the floor and organised. 

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