L - Floor to Ceiling Frame


The standard racks are designed to attach to a wall however sometimes there is not a wall available or there is space between walls that could be utilised for wine storage. In these cases you need to purchase one or more of these frames that are attached floor and celing enabling the wall series racks to be attached directly to them.

Each frame comes with 2 sections that are 1.524 meters or 5 feet long. The maximum height floor to celing is therefore 3.048 meters (10 feet). For distances less than this one of the sections needs to be cut and attached using the couplers provided to make the frame the correct height. The wine racks (WS series) are attached to this frame before it is connected to the floor and ceiling. The racks can be put on both sides of the frame or just 1 side. If the racks are going only on 1 side an FCF back brace needs to be purchased. This is not necessary if racks are going on both sides

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