About Wine on the Side

Wine on the Side wine racks are known internationally as Vintage View and have been sold in New Zealand since 2006. The system was designed in the USA and is manufactured to the highest specification. Be aware of cheap imitations.

To see more about these racks internationally have a look at  www.vintageview.com.

Wine on the Side is owned by Ken Morrison who purchased the business in 2011 having put the system into 2 homes.

"I fell in love with these wine racks the first time I saw them. There is just nothing like them. They are simple, easy to install, practical, great value and make life easier and better. When looking for a bottle of wine I don't have time and can't be bothered pulling out countless bottles to find the one I want. These wine racks display the wine so I can find the bottle I want and at the same time easily remind myself what I have in the cellar. Like the Gillette guy, I loved the product so much I bought the company!"

Wine on the Side pride themselves on their Customer Service. We will respond to any queries in most cases within 24 hours. We carry good stocks of all products so we can supply ex stock on a same or next day basis anywhere in New Zealand.


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