Billionaire William Koch sells off 20,000 bottles of wine from his Vintage View cellar

Big name people selling off amazing wines is generally a recipe for a small media frenzy. So when William Koch, the well-known billionaire, announced this week he was auctioning off about 20,000 bottles of his super deep wine collection — valued at up to $15 million — it made waves on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.Oenophiles are going gaga over the impressive wines in his collection that includes about 43,000 bottles. We'll get to some of those highlights in a second. We have a one track mind, and that's the design of his magnificent Palm Beach, Fla., cellar that is now being shown all over the internet.Yes, those gorgeous accent pieces on the brick columns are Le Rustique racks, showing how beautiful our distressed metal racks look on stone. The metal accents hold some of his most valuable wines in the world and integrate into the European cellar design that also features beautiful custom millwork.The cellar is further decorated with Roman mosaics and a statue of either Dionysus or Bacchus. The ornate archways were built by 10 Austrians (one of whom spoke English) who came over — with the bricks — to build the cellar.We have to imagine it'd be pretty difficult to break into Koch's cellar, but just in case, he has his most valuable wines in a locked cage. Those wines in there are also displayed on Le Rustique racks and include a virtually priceless 1844 Lafite.The cellar even has its own bathroom.Back to the wine. From May 19-21, Sotheby's will auction off nearly half of Koch's collection. According to stories in Bloomberg, Art News and Fortune, Koch simply has too much wine that he'll never drink, so it's time to share it (for a price) with the world.Here are some of the highlights for sale from one of the most amazing wine collections in the U.S.:
  • 6 1961 Château Latour magnums
  • 10 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild
  • 1 1959 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti double magnum
We'll await an invite to drink some of these wines from you. Even better, perhaps Koch will have us over to tour the cellar.


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