April 21, 2018
Pullman Hotel Auckland have used the Wine on the Side racks to create this stunning wall of wine in their premium restaurant, Tapestry. In this case the wall has been sold to 1 particulalr wine maker who wants to promote their wine. This has more than paid for the cost of th...
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New World Blenheim

April 4, 2018

Supermarket Racks

Great to see this display in New World Blenheim - the home of NZ Wine.They use this display to highlight all of their premium wines and have a barrel in front of it from where they do tastings - what a great idea!...
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Photos from Central City Wine & Spirits in Willis St, Wellington.They have used just the Wine on the Side Racks to display their total wine offering. What makes it spectacular and so different from your normal wine shop is the amazing lighting in the room and around the bott...
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Home Cellar in Tokoroa

August 23, 2017
We love it when happy customers send us photos of their new wine racks.Isnt this just a stunning example! Wine on the Side racks taking up the whole end of a dining room behind glass sliding doors. An ever changing work of art and you can find the wine you want....
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Many thanks to Steve for this picture from the new Asian Fusion restaurant Number 8, in the Town Basin Whangarei.You can see how they have used racks of different depths as they come down the wall to great effect. Steve reports they get comments every day about their amazing...
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Wine Library at Tantalus

Had the privelege of going to the new Tantalus estate at Onetangi on Waiheke Island last Sunday. Stunning wines from around New Zealand and a magnificent setting. Tantalus used Wine on the Side racks in their wine library as shown in the photo. Notice the light fitting made ...
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Some great photos from the new Mishas Vineyard cellar door in Cromwell. Famous for their magnificent Pinot Noir...
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Lawsons Dry Hills Blenheim

October 1, 2016

New Cellar Door at Lawsons Dry Hills

This is new Cellar Door at Lawsons Dry Hills in Blenheim - known for their outstanding wines. You can see how they have used the whole wall and Wine on the Side cut down the standard racks so they could have them going over the door - stunning thanks Belinda...
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Domestic Kitchen racks

May 17, 2016
This is a WS33 rack on top of a WS43 rack in a domestic kitchen. We love it when happy customers like this send us photos of their new racks installed...
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